Critical Praise
 for Growing Greener   

"Randall Arendt's approach to land use and public policy mechanisms for rural development have inspired designers and civic leaders worldwide. The power of his ideas resides in the fact that they are practicable, demonstrable, and delightful."

--William A. McDonough, William McDonough + Partners


"As in Randall Arendt's previous books, clear writing, easy-to-understand drawings, and illustrated case studies make the book valuable for the interested citizen or public official as well as the developer or planning professional."

--Joseph Molinaro, AICP, Director of Land Development Services, National Association of Home Builders (now Managing Director, Community and Political Affairs, National Association of Realtors)


"Randall Arendt's new book should be required reading for every builder, planner, government official, or citizen interested in land conservation and open space protection. The Growing Greenerapproach is a simple, cost-effective, and legally sound methodology for using the development process to protect open space, natural areas, and recreational lands. Fortunately, this approach can simultaneously make real estate development more profitable and communities more livable."

--Ed McMahon, The Conservation Fund


"Once again Randall Arendt applies his unique ability to make the complex simple, but this time he focuses on the heart of the problem. Originally conceived to solve land-use problems, local codes and ordinances have become the problem -- legally mandated 'blueprints' for bad development. In Growing Greener: Putting Conservation into Local Plans and Ordinances, Randall combines innovative planning techniques with tried and true principles of landscape architecture, creating practical ways to amend these local laws so that they are part of the solution, not part of the problem."

--Barry W. Starke, FASLA, Past President, American Society of Landscape Architects, and Principal, Earth Design Associates, Inc.


"The strength of Growing Greener is its acknowledgement that ordinance legislation in the form of a new type of green law is required. The work of the earlier pioneer community planners was based on design alone. Recognizing that we live in a society of laws, Arendt takes the idea of open space planning a huge step forward with model ordinance legislation... Landscape architects, community planners, civil engineers, developers, and officials should embrace this wonderful new book. It deserves a commanding position on the library shelf next to such seminal books of community planning as Garden Cities of Tomorrow, Town Planning in Practice, Design with Nature, Toward New Towns for America, The Culture of Cities, Greenways for America, and Rural by Design. It deserves to be used as a tool to craft green laws for every community in America."

--Prof. Buck Abbey, Louisiana State University, BatonRouge

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