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For additional information on conservation planning as practiced in Pennsylvania, where Randall Arendt developed these techniques into a statewide program called Growing Greener, see

Notable Conservation Subdivision Designs This subdivision was designed and created by interested individuals in Buena Vista, VA following a conservation design workshop that I conducted in nearby Lexington several years ago. Of its 41 acres, 31 (70 percent) have been preserved as permanent conservation lands. This development not only illustrates the design principles that I espouse; it also demonstrates the kind of positive, concrete results which such workshops can generate.

On-Line Case Studies of Conservation Subdivisions

Village Homes

The Fields of St. Croix

The Preserve at Hunter's Lake

Garnet Oaks

Prairie Crossing

Tryon Farm

Other Organizations (Natural Lands Trust) (Minnesota Land Trust's Portfolio of Conservation Subdivisions) (Center for Watershed Protection) (East Coast Greenway Alliance, advocating for a continuous bikepath from Calais, Maine to Key West, Florida) (a planning and design firm for open space, parks, trails, and alternative transportation)

Articles (Cultivating Natural and Cultural Landscapes through Conservation Subdivision Design) (Designing Traditional Neighborhoods around Natural Features) (Linked Landscapes: Creating Greenway Corridors through Conservation Subdivision Design), 29 pages. (In "Search" box, type in "Randall Arendt")

Design-Related Booklets

Smart Development for Quality Communities is a 48-page booklet that I wrote for the Cattaraugus County (NY) Department of Planning and Economic Development, describing and illustrating creative approaches to residential development (both rural and village), and commercial development (both along  highways and in town centers).

A growing number of communities have adopted voluntary design guidelines or mandatory design standards, often in conjunction with Site Plan Review ordinances. Among the best recent examples is the richly illustrated Design Handbook prepared for the town of Kittery, Maine by Terrence J. DeWan & Associates of Yarmouth, Maine and Planning Decisions of South Portland, Maine.

The Conservation Development Resource Manual, focusing on conservation subdivisions in the state of Ohio, originally prepared by Kirby Date for the Countryside program of the Western Reserve RC&D Council, is now available through the Community Planning Program at the Center for Community Planning and Development, located within the Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University.


Information about an award-winning CD-ROM entitled Designing Better Places, produced by the North Carolina Division of Community Assistance, can be found on the departmental website at It explains common design terms, shows how commercial buildings can be made to fit better into community contexts, and offers ideas on recreating neighborhoods. A special feature of this CD is that both the text and the photos can be modified by users, who might want to insert local examples from their areas. It is priced at $6.00, including postage.

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