Critical Praise for
 Conservation Design for Subdivisions

"Randall Arendt has produced a simple, clear, understandable, persuasive, and well-illustrated manual. The application of its principles can assist developers to plan and design with sensibility and intelligence, and planners and officials to evaluate and appraise proposals. I recommend it highly."

     -Ian L. McHarg, Professor Emeritus, Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, of Pennsylvania


"Randall Arendt has done it again. This time he speaks of a 'greener vision' in his intelligent, articulate, and exceptionally useful book, Conservation Design for Subdivisions. His ideas, advice, and suggestions can make this greener vision a reality, creating places that people will have to care about."

     -Tony Hiss, author of The Experience of Place and coauthor of A Region at Risk


"Imagine with me, if you will, a subdivision planning manual written for developers. Now imagine the same tome reflecting the interests of conservation organizations. Imagine that the realtor's concerns and the considerations of the planning commission were also dealt with. Now imagine that this volume is easily readable. Randall Arendt has fit all of these warring propositions between two covers. Clear and logical, with charts and lots of appendices, and liberally sprinkled with graphics, this book is practical and focused, with a section for nearly everyone."

     -Peter Anderson, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University


"The balance between conservation and development, between preserving the environment and creating living landscapes, is a fundamental challenge of our time. The design and layout of residential neighborhoods is where this balance is all too frequently distorted. The result is the loss of environmental values and a lack of human community. Randall Arendt provides superb illustrations demonstrating that we need not accept the status quo. He has prepared a wonderful guide for how to design communities with the nature of places."

     -Frederick Steiner, Professor and Director, School of Planning and Landscape Architecture, Arizona State University

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